Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Curious Kitties - White Flower Set

Been a while since I've shown any beautiful Curious Kitties, eh? I'm telling you, this store has so many amazing releases it's hard to keep up and with my personal life being such a mess most of my blogging has been slower. But I gotta show some love to one of my favorite stores on SL. This time I am showing you the White Flower Set. Now first, I will tell you it's only 25L, that's right....under 50L! Whoah! And by set I mean you get multiple things for that low prince; dress, sandals and hair.

This dress is a gorgeous, white sundress. It's perfect for a warm day walking through a park or along the beach. Don't be fooled at how elegant and simple it looks, the texture use on this high class. It may only be 25L but you get a great deal of bang for your buck. The skirt is prim and accented with white flowers that continue the theme of the texture pattern used in the dress. There are also tiny flowers around the straps of the dress as well.

I always stress how many great deals Curious Kitties has, plenty of freebies and always great gifts for the update group. Offering not only a dress but also a hair style and shoes to match for only 25L is mind blowing. The sandal are adorable, white with a stylish wedge. You also get a mini HUD to change the skin and nail color, I will note the skin choices match up with the ones sold at Curious Kitties; which I love anyway so you should too! Haha

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