Friday, July 1, 2011

!Right - Fashion Baggy Ashleen

Showing off some sexy styles from !Right again. Don't be shy, show some skin! Today I bring you the outfit called Fahsion Baggy Ashleen in khaki, it also comes in grey. It is currently 99L but the sale won't last forever, normally it is 299L. You get the full outfit; top, bag, pants and even the hat. The only thing you don't get are shoes. I wore boots from Malfean Visions, great chance to wear them too! The color is olive but it goes well with this outfit. I picked them up during 60L weekend, I always stop by Malfean Visions for their weekend sales!

As you see, even the back is sexy! The top can be worn a variety of ways. Either with just the bra, like in the first picture, or with a top to cover up a bit more. The pants ride low in the back to show off the naughty lil thong you get along with the full outfit. Too hot to touch! Perfect for a stylish back tattoo or even a tramp stamp. !RIGHT is the right choice for stylish yet sexy outfits for a casual day or a night at the club.

My beautiful face is helped by a skin from [Acide!], a new release that comes in many shades. I suggest checking it out, it's nice and simple. Very clean and great if you want to wear make-up or just let your natural beauty shine. Hair is curtsey of Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. I wanted a nice look to fit under the hat but still be stylish. Collar is a great new release from (R E D) M I N T, RLV ready if you're into that.

Outfit - !Right

Shoes - Malfean Visions

Collar - ( R E D ) M I N T

Hair - Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Skin - [Acide!]

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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