Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taste of SL - Once Upon a Time

Don't forget to enjoy the Taste of SL sale this week! The theme is Once Upon a Time, so all the items have a great fairytale feel. I now share with you some of the great items you can get while on sale, first starting with the blue dress you see on me. It's from Alexohol and is very beautiful, it also comes in three colors so if blue isn't your thing you can find it in pink or yellow. Each color is 75L or you can pick up all three at once for 160L.

Also up for grabs is this cute bracelet from Baby Monkey Shoes. It's a butterfly watch with some great bangles and the band of the watch actually changes colors. I made it blue to match the dress. The necklace is from Collisions and I love it. It's hard to see but I'm actually wearing The Never Ending Story around my neck! An amazing story and a true fairytale classic, I love this necklace because I am a fan of the story.

My skin is available for only 50L from Vogue Body Shop, it's based on the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland if you couldn't tell. I'm always a fan of skins and makeups that the heart on the lips. My crown is also 50L and you can make it yours if you visit Virtual Insanity this week before the sale is over. So if you want a Taste of SL you better hurry!

Dress - Alexohol Fashions

Necklace - Collisions

Bracelets - Baby Monkey Shoes

Crown & Nails - [Virtual/Insanity]

Hair - Battle Angels

Skin - Vogue Bodyshop


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