Monday, June 13, 2011

Cilian'gel - Walk of Fame Hunt

Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique is part of the Walk of Fame Hunt. The prize for the hunt is an amazing outfit for men or women, I'm of course showing you the female option. The outfits are based off of Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow, but I won't lie, the 1920's isn't something I'm too familiar with! So...I took the look in a new direction, the magic of styling! You just get the tutu when you find this outfit so the rest of the magic is up to you.

How about a hint to help you with the hunt? Look up and high, you may find some Stars hidden behind the Moon.

So despite my changing the theme and era of the outfit I wanted to still keep it in a ballerina spirit. Only probably was I didn't have the right shoes. I asked my fellow models and got some idea but nothing that was what I had in mind nor in my price range. I admit it, I'm a cheapie and bargain hunter and with all of my funds usually going towards modeling school I can't afford a pair of shoes I probably won't wear often. I found these from Libertine on the marketplace for only $150L, the white went with my hair from Creatives and of course the tutu.

I also added more white and silver layers with my piercings and necklace from Virtual Insanity as well as bracelets from +DV8+ and JD Designs. I will tell you right now I had to retake a couple of my shots because something was missing and it was the piercing, I think it really adds a bit more punk to look so this doesn't look overly high glam. I didn't wear earrings because of the hair, they wouldn't have shown up much in my shots.

Outfit - Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique

Shoes - Libertine

Bracelet (Left) - JD Designs

Bracelet (Right) - +DV8+

Necklace, Piercing & Nails - Virtual Insanity

Hair - Creatives

Eyes - perception eyes

Skin - Glam Affair


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