Monday, May 30, 2011

K-CODE ~ Rockn' Style

So today I am rocking out with K-Code! Here before you is a full outfit you can pick up and make yours. This is a lovely outfit with a great color scheme. I do hope I was able to wear it with enough skill and style as it was presented to me in the vendor picture; I tried though! I would have to say, one of my favorite parts are the stockings because they bring together whole look from top to bottom very well. Visually the eyes travel the length of your body smoothly.

Feeling chilly? How about a matching jacket! This is a great jacket full of high quality prim work from collar to sleeve. If you're not very good with editing prims to fit then be careful. Or, this could be a great chance to practice. The jacket also works with an alpha layer, as do the boots so you're going to need a viewer that will support wearing both or else the look won't work correctly.

I opted out of jewelry for this post to focus attention on the outfit form K-Code though let your styling imaginations soar guys! A cute necklace and bracelets would go well with this. Earrings to but with the hair I'm wearing you cannot see my ears; the hair is from [Me.] btw and I love their styles. Especially the HUD they come with because you can change color and highlights so one hair is actually many hairs; no need to buy color packs!

Outfit - K-Code

Hair - [Me.]

Skin - Glam Affair


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