Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling a lil Goth

So I went skipping through Curious Kitties recently thinking of what to show you guys. I saw a bunch lovely outfits so stay tuned to experience from C*K fun! Here I felt a bit...goth perhaps? I liked this outfit because it's simple yet not. This outfit is not limited to a cutesy look nor a gothic lolita look, it can be great for a club or hanging out. Or even if you want to roleplay a vampire! This outfit is called Black Kitty and you get the full look here.

Despite the name, this look doesn't have much feline in it. There are paw prints on the boots but they're small details that don't overwhelm the look so it's not overly costume-like. There is also some sexy mesh and fishnet action going on so it feels a bit more mature than your average Curious Kitties fair. I do love the lace up back to it as well so I had to show you guys the view from behind, hehe.

My whole look is Curious Kitties guys. I'm wearing the Luscia avatar and with it comes the shape, skin and hair. I think it looks totally perfect with this look, especially if you want to go in a dark direction like I did. All it's missing is vampire teeth, why didn't I think of that? Forgetfully Sophi! The eyes I changed because I wanted to show you the Playful Android Eyes, these are of course the silver color but you can also pick them up in; red, blue, green orange, pink, purple, and yellow.

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