Friday, May 13, 2011

VERO MODERO - Tiger Dress

I have been such a busy Sophi lately, and more than usual! The real world has kept me busy this week, my mom retired from work after twenty seven years and we had a great party for her! On SL I've been busy with modeling school, preparing for a fashion show plus all my usual work. Oh boy! But fear not, I'm always here. Today I want to show you this amazing Tiger Dress designed by VERO MODERO. The print is bold, the colors are eye catching and the fit is amazing! You can see my Finesmith nails in the first shot, they were on sale on Thursday but I'd recommend buying them no matter the price; I love their nails!

As you can see this a sexy, short dress. The skirt has a prim part which is scripted to adjust itself, it asks you though. This means the pattern will always be perfectly in line with the rest of the dress. Great feature! I haven't really seen it before so it was new to me but once I saw what it did I fell in love. In this picture you can see my shoes, they are from Mary Jane Shoes. I picked the Sassy Leopard to go with the pattern on the dress.

I went with a lovely skin with bold pink lips since there is pink in the dress. You can find this Ciara skin at Chic Boutique and it was made by miSs rOUx, great store for skins! You can have a million outfits but without the right skin you're screwed! And of course the right hair, this one is from Vanity Hair, picked it up during the 60L weekend once. Great hair store for models! Those amazing earrings are free at [glow] studios.


Shoes - Mary Jane Shoes

Earrings - [glow] studios

Hair - Vanity Hair

Skin - miSs rOUx

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Finesmith


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