Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Call me Sarah

So as you know, my name is not Sarah on SL or in the real world. But I bought this amazing new skin named Sarah from Essences for only 70L at the My Shopping Bag event. I mean, an amazing looking skin for under a hundred linden, how could I not buy it?! I then had to visit the main store to see where it came from and met the lovely owner Inka Mexicola. She told me the store was having a reopening soon with brand new products! So if you like how Sarah looks on me and you pick it up yourself, make sure to stop by Essences for more quality skins.

I wanted to play around with the Sarah idea and searched my inventory for items named the same as well, pull them together for a blog post. Sadly, I didn't come up with much. Instead I wore this lovely outfit called Otilia which is currently on sale at !RIGHT as part of the LOW Letter event. It comes in purple, blue and red. Very adorable look!

I had two hair options in my inventory named Sarah so I went with this style from RezIpsa Loc. The flower is color change which is a nice touch. I thought this shade would look pretty against the skin's tone. My necklace and earrings are from Celtic Myst, a lovely pentagram set.

Outfit - !Right

Skin - Essences

Hair - RezIpsa Loc

Jewelry - Celtic Myst

Nails - Candy Nails


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