Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Evolve - Renard

So after a long weekend and a busy Monday I was pretty much useless. So this post is both me being lazy and me liking a look. I wore this to work at Evolve, it's an outfit called Renard. So I was already IN this look and decided to use it for a blog post. Why? because I love the style I put together! The bright outfit is colorful yet simple at the same time and was fun to pull together. I've styled this outfit a few different ways before but this time I think I got it looking its best.

Have to have shoes so I went with these pink ankle boots from Drakke. Now I love ankle boots, they're short and sexy like a heel but still have a bit of boot in them; plus I don't have to worry about RGB colors. I went with pink since I love the color and wanted to keep a bright theme going on. The bracelets are from Legit, black to accent the belt and my nails are pastel purple from Virtual Insanity.

And of course, a closer look at my face. I am wearing a JeSyLiLo skin, one I really do enjoy wearing here for the blogs. It gives a great innocent look with the mouth like that. Hair is from SyDS and to me is the icing on the cake for this look. It's wild and crazy, just like the outfit but in a soft color. Jewelry is from [glow] studios, blue to go with the outfit.

Outfit - Evolve

Shoes - Drakke (LM didn't work)

Jewelry - [glow] studios

Bracelets - Legit

Hair - SyDS

Skin - JeSyLiLo

Nails - Virtual Insanity

Eyes - Curious Kitties


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