Sunday, May 8, 2011

To All the Mothers

Go get your freebie on! I hope everyone had a good mother's day with their own mom or if they're a mom. I spent it at home with my mom, made her an apple pie. It was a nice day. But, of course, I had SL work to do and part of it was this blog. Now, in all honestly I don't understand the whole virtual family on SL concept. But some are into it so for some, this was also an e-mother's day I guess. Whatever your take on motherhood, if you're a shopper then word free is for you! I focused this post around some of the nice gifts you can find for the special day, like my shoulder bag from Censored. The dress, however, is the May group gift from SLC.

Skin is awesome, a special mother's day look from miSs rOUx. And no, it's not a demo, those prints are part of the skin. You could see more if I was nude chance. Haha! Bracelets are also for mother's day, the light one on my right wrist is from Graffiwear and the darker one on my left wrist is a group gift from Earthstone.

You can better see some of the lettering on the skin itself in this picture. As well as my necklace and earring set from Finesmith, their gift for the mommies. Wonderful orchids in bright colors. Hair is from Ali & Ali, a curly brown look. I really do like how the color blends so nicely with my skin tone and helps the Banana Banshee eyes pop out.

Dress - SLC - (Group Gift)

Bag - Censored

Earrings & Necklace - Finesmith

Right Bracelet - Graffitiwear

Left Bracelet - Earthstone - (Group Gift)

Skin - miSs rOUx

Hair - Ali & Ali

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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