Friday, May 6, 2011

Glitterati - Diva

So I was given the chance to review this amazing dress from Glitterati. It's the Diva dress in ash rose. Not only is it pink, it's also beautiful! I love the mixing of black and pink and it looks very elegant. The dress is also low cut adding a great bit of sexuality to it but nothing over the top. I felt great wearing this dress, when I saw it in the pictures I thought it looked beautiful but it was ten times better actually seeing it on me! I wore one of JeSyLiLo's new skins called Yummy, want to taste? Haha

This dress is long and gorgeous, flowing trail. From top to bottom, this gown is amazing. The pattern on it is great, almost like silken folds. The dress is called Diva and I do feel like one it but trust me, I am not a diva! I am very humbled to wear this amazing gown and am very excited to show all of you. The hair is from Purple Moon, I grabbed it while on sale on Thursday.

The dress is rather long so here is a close up of the shoes you can pick up to match the dress. Sexy heels in the same beautiful color! Remember, even if you can't see the shoes they still count; wear the best!

Dress & Shoes - Glitterati

Jewelry - Glitter

Hair - Purple Moon

Skin - JeSyLiLo


Nails - Beccikie


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