Monday, May 23, 2011

Curious Kitties - Space Cutie

Time to marvel at more Curious Kitties! Today I'm showcase the outfit called Space Cutie, it's a full outfit when you buy it so you receive everything you see. From boots to top, it's a great package deal. This outfit is black and silver, sort of looking like the suit an astronaut would were; probably where the name came from. I will tell you, Curious Kitties is a HUGE store and when they aren't having special events it's fun to look around the place. So many pieces to mix and match a girl could go nuts!

It is nice that through all the mass of amazing looks, if you don't have time to style or buy separate pieces you can get an amazing outfit that is all ready for you! The skirt is very cute with this, I enjoy the mesh and how the sleeves also have the same material, a very ripped apart look while still being girly and fun to wear.

As usual, this whole look is from Curious Kitties. My very shape can be found there. I'm wearing the Peach Blossom avatar and it comes with the shape, the skin as well as hair and eyes. I love the shapes you can pick up at the store since they fit the clothes very well. The wide anime type eyes are also adorable and when I want to have fun and enjoy myself this is a great look to have on.

Everything - Curious Kitties


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