Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Blues

Love a sale? So do I! Being a model on SL is a lot of work, add in managing this blog with other things I do. So maybe I have a bit of the Sunday blues. The real world is being a bitch and Second Life isn't much better. I enjoy being a model but it's hard. Nothing like being told how to look, eh? This blog lets me be me and I love that. Just a small rant, I guess. I only blog things I like. If I see a product and ask someone if I can blog it, you will see it. If I see an item in a blogger group I like, you will see it. Sometimes people send me things to blog, I don't always blog them but I try to; especially if I like it. The blog is called Sophi's Choice so nine times out of ten, if you see me post something it's because I like it for some reason. It's hard on SL being a model having to change yourself for others; hair, eyes, shape. And then wear clothes you may not always like. This blog is my mini expression of what I like on SL, what I think is lovely fashion and just me being me!

That being said, I'm wearing Samantha from SLC which is on sale this weekend for only $60L. It's blue, very casual and adorable. It comes with everything you see on me save for the hair. Shoes, pants, shirt, jewelry; you get it all for under a hundred linden! I'm still in the poor house, especially with most of my linden being put into modeling and schools so when I do shop it's always on a budget. I do like that this look comes all prepared if you need something quick to wear and the pieces look great. And of course, you can style it with your own pieces if you need a change!

Since I wanted to keep the look very simple and use the pieces that came with it I kept the additions to a limit. I'm wearing beautiful earrings from Finesmith that I nabbed for 55L, yay for sales. They are also pink, my favorite color. My hair is from, I bought it when they were having a spring cleaning sale so pretty much my entire look was on a budget.

Outfit - SLC

Hair -

Earrings - Finesmith

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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