Friday, May 6, 2011

All About Nails

Let's get right into it, this post is about nails on Second Life. At least nails that I know about. When I first started out as a model I had no idea you could even wear nails! I learned slowly the wonder of nails on SL and how they can really make an outfit so much better. Much like nails in the real world except they never chip or break. I'll jump right into it by talking about prim nails. I wear these the most because they're bold, easy to see and look great. They are attachments to your hands so they may get in the way of rings you're wearing, I'll get more into that later. This look is one I wore to my first day of modeling school. The nails are from Virtual Insanity, I have a lot of their nails and wear them often in my posts. These are very simple, clean and look amazing. I added the rings separately.

Here is an example of nails that come WITH rings. These are from Finesmith and I've also worn them before in my posts. These nails have lovely details to them, a swirlish pattern almost so it's not just a solid color. The rings are part of the nail attachment so for these I would not wear any other rings with it or then things would clash. So any of you ladies with e-hubbies hell bent on wearing a pixel wedding ring make sure to know if the nails come with rings or not. When I blog, I've had to not wear certain nails, even if they went great with the outfit, because I had to showcase a ring in my post. Maybe perhaps you can do editing magic to take away the rings but really, most things are no mod and it's a hassle to me.

Of course, prim nails are not perfect and sometimes you'll get issues like this. These are from Beccikie, I have worn these before for posts. They're great, simple black nails. I also have a french manicure look from the same store. Now first, I would like to point out this issue has NOTHING to do with the nail! Prim nails work great and are easy to use and wear. What you see in the picture was caused by the position of my hands. I've found that certain poses when I model or even things my AOs do will turn off the synch of the nail to my fingers. Usually it fixes itself with a different pose, however sometimes my hands get stuck wide open with the fingers spread apart. That issue I fix by restarting SL, everything back to normal! If you're going to be modeling on a stand or in as show, make sure the pose also compliments your nails. Or, don't wear prims...

You can wear glove nails! When I got my first pair of nails these were the type I got. I was scared to tackle a prim nail and didn't know much about prims in general. Plus, back then I didn't see a point to them. Boy times have changed! But I still like gloved nails for many reasons. These are from Candy Nails, the first place I got nails from. They look great and are pretty, vibrant and simple. These are great if you want to wear rings and your prim nails already have rings or you don't have a viewer that supports multiple attachment points. If you want to start of with nails, I'd recommend the glove kind. But sometimes, it doesn't always work...

If you're already wearing a pair of gloves (like say, fingerless gloves) but still want polished nails then what do you do? You can go with prim nails, of course, or find tattoo nails! I haven't found as many tattoo layer nails but they are out there. These I have on are from RezIpsa Loc, they come with both a glove option or a tattoo option which is great. Before I close I'd like to note that you should know the hand size of your shape before running out to buy nails. Especially when it comes to prim nails. Mine are a 20, it's the average size, however a smaller shape may be a 10. Know your hand size before you purchase so you don't buy something you can't wear.


Virtual Insanity



Candy Nails

RezIpsa Loc


sarahlicious said...

Saya Littlething makes an animation that resets your hands when they're doing that strange spread wide thing that messes with prim nails so badly.. It's a must have for prim nail fanatics!!

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