Sunday, May 8, 2011

Golden Weekend Concluded

Remember last time when I mentioned the Giant Golden Pack you could buy at Curious Kitties for a limited time only? Only $5000 for a box of amazing items that are all limited edition or enter a raffle to win a set? Well here it is folks! Now there is a lot of goodies in this pack so be ready for quite a few pictures. To start you off here is a look at the Tainted Gold Dress with Tainted Gold Legwarmers. It's an adorable gothic lolita styled dress that looks amazing, it also manages to be a bit on the sexy side too.

In the first picture, and this one I'm wearing the Golden Jewelry & Hat, this is a close up shot of it for you guys. I really do love how adorable the hat is. Also a closer look at the Golden Goth Skin that comes in the pack. It has lovely golden accents around the eyes but the lipstick is blag, adding in the gothic feel to it.

Also found in the pack is this Stylish Golden Dress which is mostly black with beautiful golden accents. The skirt looks like it was sprinkled with golden flakes almost. The dresses go great with the skin because of the dark lips and I enjoyed wearing this almost white skin with the looks as well. Though get many shades in the pack so don't worry.

Not in the mood for a skirt? You also get this Simple Golden Outfit, I know a lot of amazing outfits huh? The shoes come with this outfit as well. Now the hair you see comes in the pack, the golden hair. Not the black hair in the first set of pics. This golden hair you see comes with the avatar you get in the pack, shown below.

Behold the Tainted Gold Elf Avatar. A beautiful full avatar with skin, hair and eyes. You can either wear as is or dress it up! Unlike the kitty one this has elf ears and it's super cute. I love the hair too, it's the perfect option for mixing and matching!

And this is me, in front of the Giant Golden Pack sign over at Curious Kitties. I am hoovering in the Golden Hovering Cyber Robo. It's...unique to say the least! I wasn't quite sure how to show it off so why not show you it at the store itself. And of course, it's gold. Trust me, C*K is full of all sorts of unique fines, I even have a robotic reindeer!

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