Sunday, April 24, 2011

LoveCats - Sekushii Bunneh

I know what you must be saying "More LoveCats?!" And I say, yes! This is Sophi being bias and this is Sophi showing some love. I wanted to show you guys all LoveCats has to offer for Easter time and had easy access to the outfits...and I wear them a lot anyway! When Harlequin Bunneh came out I was excited; what a great look for Easter. And then my mind was blown when Sekushii Bunneh came out. Really, TWO Easter outfits? Nice.

If you're looking for a sexy Easter look and tired of the playgirl bunny look then this is for you. A great style that is still a bit cute but with a daring red color with black accents really make this outfit adult and delicious. And as I love, you get flopped ears and not pointed up ones so it's a great variety to the usual Easter look.

Rocking Red Mint skin, didn't expect that sort of look, eh? A daring, bold skin with make-up that draws attention to your beautiful face; also with matching nails. I love how perfectly it works with this outfit. To lightening things up I wore a blond up-do from AVA-Tare, makes me seem more mature eh?

Outfit - LoveCats

Necklace - LiNe

Hair - AVA-Tare

Skins & Nails - Red Mint

Eyes - perception eyes


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