Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mohna Lisa Couture - Saleena

Don't look now but it's another great release from Mohna Lisa Couture. Now, granted this is me being a bit lazy. I model there so it gives me access to great outfits, plus, I have to style myself for shifts anyway. So why not sneak in a photo shoot when I can? I am actually insanely busy on SL and it gets hard to try to do two blog posts a day so moments like these make it a bit easier. I always want to get a chance to review everything in my inventory; one day I will!

But really, Saleena is a great outfit. It's not exactly my style however I love the feel of it. I usually wear skirts or jeans so to have a lovely suit is great. Sometimes, especially with all the work I run around doing, a great suit can go a long way. This can be used in so many ways too. A fashion event, a meeting or just a day with your girlfriends. Despite my casual nature sometimes I like to dress up like a big girl!

Saleena has many different options as well. You can wear it with or without the fur shawl and the jacket can be worn with or without the belt. Can also wear the belt without the jacket. So it's a fun way to mix and match a bit. The top itself is very low cut and lacy, it adds a great deal of sensuality to the outfit. I'll also note the hats come with it too, a larger option and a smaller option.

Because of the hat I wasn't sure what hair to wear with this. I know the hair tattoo base and pulled back bun look are big in the fashion world but honestly...I don't have any styles like that. I considered buying one but then realized I hadn't been to Truth in a while so went to take a peek. Always lots of lag but always worth it. I picked up the style you see called Skyla, wanted something brunette since I'm usually a blond; gotta change it up!

Outfit - Mohna Lisa Couture

Shoes - Maitreya

Hair - Truth


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