Monday, April 18, 2011

Mix and Match Monday

So the Mix & Match Hunt is almost over guys but still time for you guys to find some great items. Dresses, shoes, outfits, skins and much more. So much more I can't even show you it all, but I will show off what I can along with my normal posts. So let us get started eh? I pulled this looked together with a great dress from JoJo's that you will find during the hunt, I loved the nice white color with the red accents, perfect for the Spring time.

The shows by FP are to die for, so cute and adorable. I have been trying to put together the perfect look for them and I think I came pretty close, don't you? They are white with a lovely floral print so they can go well with almost anything. Actually...I might wear them again with a great pair of jeans; look out for that post guys! I just got a style in my head, hahaha!!

It might be hard to tell but my necklace has been changing color the whole time I was taking these pictures. It's from SE Designz and comes with the matching bracelets, but only the necklace fades in and out of colors from what I saw. My adorable shape is from CS Shapes and can also be found during the hunt. Heck, the only thing you CAN'T find during the hunt I have on is the hair; it's from Ali & Ali.

Dress - JoJo's

Shoes - FP

Jewelry - SE Designz

Earrings - SIGMA Jewels

Hair - Ali & Ali

Shape - CS Shapes

Skin - Vouge


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