Friday, April 22, 2011

LoveCats - Bunny Foo Foo

Another Easter outfit from LoveCats? Yup! This is an older release but one I do enjoy a lot. It's called Bunny Foo Foo. I had work today and wasn't sure what to wear. A newer release? The sale item? Oh the choices! Then, by the grace of the gods I got a notice for a free hair from Magika. It all came together then and thus I bring you this post. A mixture of chance, style and my love for pastel, neko, bunny and blond hair.

Bunny Foo Foo is a adorable pastel outfit for Easter, a cute skirt with the rocking moon boots. Of course, you have the bunny ears and tails. I like the flopped ears in this outfit since most outfits have the ears pointing straight up; it's nice to see something different. This outfit is very cute and adorable, yet even a bit sexy with the fishnet stockings and the fact you can see some booty with this skirt on. It's a great mix of sensuality and femininity. The tattoos you see on me are from Curious Kitties, pink sakura petals.

The inspiration for this look is the hair from Magika. Totally free to subscribers so if you love it, go get it! Magkia is a great hair store to stay up to date with. The skin also helped spurred this look, it's from Fhang Candy and is an amazing skin for Easter time. The lips have great multi-colored stripes, sort of like dyed Easter eggs. Eyes are free from Curious Kitties, so don't miss them! Won't be there forever.

Outfit - LoveCats

Hair - Magika - (FREE Subscriber gift)

Skin - Fhang Candy - ($50L Marketplace special)

Necklace, Eyes, Tattoo - Curious Kitties


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