Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Newness from Curious Kitties

Okay I'll admit it, Curious Kitties updates so quickly I can barely keep up! Just as I finish two posts for them I turn my head and more items that could go with these outfits come out! Wow! Not to mention most of it is FREE! This post will be a simple recap of the nice new choices at Curious Kitties adding in the brand new items you can pick up to round out your look more. Ok? First is the Sakura Plaid Angst Bunny Doll. As you can see it matches perfectly with the plaid dress. It's adorable, cuddly, pink and free!

Next item up for bids is this lovely sakura branch! I know, I know...not exactly amazing right? Wrong! It's cute and has lovely flowers on it, and as an added bonus it has magical powers! It can make cherry blossoms all around you. Insert cliché Japanese exclamation over used in anime here! The bracelets are also new to the store and both them and the branch for free!

Remember those adorable hoodies I reviewed from Curious Kitties? Well if you don't look back for the post because they were just to die for! I say that a lot, huh? But I just love cute things, especially made well. Recently released are these great black and yellow stripped stockings to go with your honeybee hoodie!

Fear not, ladybug fans, there is also a pair of stockings for you! These are red with black spots, shocking I know. But they really just add so much to the look. The hoodie is the right length to pull of a dress effect depending on your height so having these great stocking options really completes the look. Or does it? Stay tuned to see what else Curious Kitties has to offer!

Hoodies - Curious Kitties - ($270L)

Stockings - Curious Kitties - ($50L)

Outfit - Curious Kitties - ($500L)

Bear - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Bracelets - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Sakura Wand - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Skin - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Hair 1 - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Wings - Frozen Nights - (FREE)

Shape - Di's Opera - (Pacific Relief exclusive)

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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