Friday, April 8, 2011

Zenith - Diamond is Mine Hunt

So as you know there are many hunts on SL. Today we're going to look at the gift for the Diamond is Mine Hunt from Zenith. I would like to point out this hunt ends April 11th so if you like what you see please hurry to get it! I wanted to do this earlier but my friend who modeled with me was just too busy to be my guinea pig; but as you can see I finally roped him into it.

I could have just reviewed the female version but Zenith was kind enough to provide a gift for the men and ladies, which from what I've seen is rare. Men's fashion on SL seems to be a bit neglected and well let's face it, even in RL men aren't exactly the time to care much. Many of the time you'll run into the over muscled guy with some long, black hair and way too many tribal tattoos and chains. Now not saying it's a BAD look but it's barely a look when no effort is put into it. If you want to look like a bad ass the least you can do is invest in it!

And while I do not mind that look, I also like when a guy cleans up well. It's why I picked my friend to help me do this post. He's always dressed well and to me, has a nice avatar. Most of the times I'M taller than him due to the model shapes so as you can see, I sized down. But when you want to match you need to compliment each other. Since Zenith made a prize for ladies and men, I made sure to at least try to match Tyson's look. The suit is great and since it's a hunt gift, it's free. So if your man or you are a man who needs a suit find this one! Start your suit collection guys because chains and baggy pants won't get you everywhere.

But let's face it, as nice as the suit is the female item is FAR more elaborate. Not saying it's a bad thing because I personally love the cabaret feel but as it is, in the suit and next to me Tyson looks like arm candy...which I'm ok with! Haha Because together we look like pure sex! Well, not really but you can tell the hunt items were totally meant to compliment each other, as I mentioned. The suit is sleek, simple and dashing while my outfit is flashy, sexy and showy. If the male outfit was too showy they would probably clash a bit; it's very ying and yang.

Of course we each have skins and hair on which you will find LMs to at the end of the post. My jewelry is Finesmith, of course. I wasn't sure what to pair with this look, not to mention I was very tired when I did the shoot, but I really do love one of the newer releases called Cross My Flower. I've worn it before in posts. I set the gems to onyx to match my outfit. Love the fact it comes with earrings, necklace and the cut flower mouth nom.

On Sophitia Ophelia

Outfit - Zenith - (FREE hunt gift)

Jewelry - Finesmith

Shoes - Maitreya

Skin - hsh

Hair - Tameless

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Nails - Virtual Insanity

On Tyson Palmyra

Outfit - Zenith - (FREE hunt gift)

Hair - Find Ash

Skin - DEN-DOU


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