Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sn@tch Up This Style

So this isn't exactly an Easter look but you could easily make it one. Sn@tch is a great store and this my first time truly giving them a review. For your viewing pleasure is the Fancey Dress. It's a lovely and simple dress with the right amount of details and insanely well made. It comes in six, yes six colors! Each one is lovely and pastel, perfect for this time of year.

Being the lil girlie girl that I can be this dress is just perfect. The colors are so soft and sweet and the design is frill and adorable. I like Sn@tch products because of their edge and the general underground feel of the store so when I saw this dress it stood out right away. It looks almost "mainstream" I guess? But don't let that stop you because with the right accessories you can take it in many different directions. I went with the spring rout since...well it is spring after all and when I see the dress it's how I feel.

I actually wrote a small rant here...but decided to erase it. I know it's my blog but I want to keep things positive and about fashion. Fashion is my life on SL, I blog and work as a model. The blog is a lot of work but it's my outlet, ya know? And I also hope people read it and like what they see and support the great stores. Sn@tch is a great place to shop and has an amazing bargain area, it's a must see for sure!

Dress - Sn@tch

Jewelry - JD Designs

Make-up - Fright Cosmetics

Hair - Red Mint

Nails - Love Soul


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