Friday, April 8, 2011

Mix and Match Hunt - HOX

More goodies from the Mix and Match Hunt! And this time it's from House of Xevoin, a great shop that I am very proud to be apart of. The offering from HOX is this great black dress. It's a mini skirt, very sleek and sexy but what I love about it is the pattern. Very artsy and vibrant yet done in simple colors so it doesn't look too flashy or tacky. The shoulders are bold and powerful, memories of the 80's Dynasty era of fashion.

As you can, the lovely pattern on the front is mirrored for the back of the dress making you a stylish from any angle. I also wore a pair of black heels from HOX, they go great with the dress and HOX has them in almost any color; usually included WITH your dress so you'll always have foot ware with your look. One of the things I love about HOX designs is how very simple they look at first glance yet there is so much attention to detail, I know I could look at this outfit for days. From the pattern to the prim work, it's all amazing.

The hat is also a HOX original and is a hunt prize as well. It's an older prize, however, it might still be out if you're lucky! I like the hat and was glad it went so well with the dress. It really changed the feel of this outfit and I do not mind at all. Jewelry is from Finesmith, a new released called Cross My Flower. I really do love it so expect to see me in it a few times. Hair is just a tattoo base from Vanity Hair but it's very simple and fits under the hat well.

Dress - House of Xevion - (FREE hunt item)

Hat - House of Xevion - (FREE hunt item)

Shoes - House of Xevion

Jewelry - Finesmith

Eyes - Banana Banshee

Hair - Vanity Hair

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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