Saturday, April 30, 2011

Curious Kitties - Gothic Bunnies

So I was planning on an epic batch of Curious Kitties posts for Easter but I was busy and didn't feel well. However, the items are still on sale so I must show them! This post is for the gothic themed bunny set, great for Easter or really any time of the year. If you enjoy purple, gothic lolita, bunnies...or just Curious Kitties in general then this the look for you. I love all of the above so I utterly enjoyed this set up.

A small hint, those stockings are currently FREE as a group gift so if you like them hurry to get them before they disappear. Curious Kitties is always updating with great designs and tons of freebies. I would suggest you join the update group for the latest news because there are a ton of freebies, deals and sales that you can be privy to if you do.

Up close shot of the outfit, and my face. Wearing a Curious Kitties skin as well, along with the eyes. Hair is from the store, a new look called Fifi. I've worn it before but here it is again, I love the short style with this outfit. The headress is the perfect compliment to the dress, it has adorable bunny ears and the color of course goes with the dress.

Now here is a little bonus. If you're looking for shoes you can add on these cute hoover bunny boots to the look. They will make you hoover you across the grid and they're so adorable and of course, follow the bunny theme. The doll I have is made to match the outfit but can go with almost anything due to the color palette. It's only $1L but as I said, sales come and go at Curious Kitties so be fast or you might miss it.

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