Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 with +DV8+

So during all my modeling I get to through together many interesting looks. Part of modeling for +DV8+ means pulling together cyber-goth looks (or steam punk) using only their products. That's right, the whole outfit, addons and hair has to be their work while modeling. Only thing of mine is the skin and eyes, though you can't see the eyes with the mask on. Now one sure sign I know I want to model for a store is if I'm proud to wear their clothes outside the store. With +DV8+ clothes sometimes I find myself too lazy to even change they look so good and wear them for days on end once I come up with a sexy look! Check out this one!

Okay so...don't mind the bottom of the pic, I am no expert photography. lol BUT here you can see the full look. The main outfit I'm in are Gothjamas. They come in six colors and each color has a different pattern. I'm wearing the Kisses pattern. Includes the bra top and the pants. Pajamas, yet sexy and goth! The tail is the Rivet Kitteh tail in red.

Here goes a close up shot of the shoes. They're Mortifera Hooker Heels in red. They're sexy high heels with lovely silver accents that bring a sensual gothic flar to almost any outfit. My toenails are from Candy Nails, red05.

Covering up my lovely face is the Enforcer Mask. On my upper arms are Cyber Bangles and the lower arm I'm wearing the Cyber Injection Bracelets. I'd like to point out these, and many other accessories from +DV8+ have color change option, just like the Lightwave Collar around my neck. The red nails were part of a freebie from Ibizarre Fashion, came with 15 nail colors.

On my back I'm sporting Spinal Injectors Type B, it comes in two styles. The one I'm wearing is along the spine, you can also wear it where it looks likes a bundle of spinal injectors all over the back. On my ears are Emergency Injection Earrings, very cute needle shaped earrings that fit nicely with the theme. My hair is Fibre Hawk, it's sort of a mohawk that looks like it's made of fiber glass! It also has a color change option! The full body tattoo comes from Leti's Tattoo and Piercing, it's called Dead of Night. Last but not least, the skin is from [sYs], Diode in a pale tone. It has a lovely pattern on the face in silver, eye make up and lipstick...but you can't see that with my sexy mask on!

So yes, I hope you enjoyed the journey through +DV8+, a great spot for cyber punk and goth looks. If you're in the mood to try something new or just a fan of the style this store is the place for you! The Riot Room is full of freebies (some I'm wearing in my photos), lucky chairs, prizes for pics, group members and much, much more! So come on down. ;)

Skin - [sYs]
Toenails - Candy Nails ($50L)
Fingernails - Ibizarre Fashion (FREE)
Tattoos - Leti's Tattoo and Piercing
Fibre Hawk - +DV8+ ($200L)
Gothjamas - +DV8+
Cyber Injection Earrings - +DV8+(FREE)
Cyber Bangles - +DV8+ (FREE)
Cyber Injection Bracelets - +DV8+ (FREE)
Enforcer Mask - +DV8+ ($350L)
Rivet Kitteh Tail - +DV8+ ($200L)
Lightwave Collar - +DV8+ ($150L)
Spinal Injectors Type B - +DV8+ ($250L)
Mortifera Hooker Heels - +DV8+ ($200L)


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Wow...hehe. Thats some crazy shit. But, I LIKE IT.

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