Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 with Evovle

Welcome to the first in my 2011 fun posts! I found so many great freebies around Christmas/New Years time and I want to show them off! This outfit, however, isn't one them. However, I enjoyed the look so much I wanted to highlight it. The dress is from Evovle, a store I work at as a model. It's one of my favorite ones and it looks great for the holiday season. A beautifully made red dress with a bit of shine to it; perfect for a New Year's Eve party or really just about anytime of the day. The dress costs $450L.

Of course if you haven't noticed, I am fan of free. Majority of my look was free if not free-ish. The black bracelet is from LoveCats, an outfit called Entice. It costs $500L for the whole look; however I model there as well. The other jewelry is the kicker. Necklace, bracelet and earrings are all from Finesmith. Now they sell pretty expensive stuff but they do offer good deals. Group gifts, 55L Thursdays, etc. So the three pieces I have were part of those deals. The bracelet, I believe, was a free gift. The earrings and necklace were most like bought on 55L Thursday. So yes, even poor me can look like a diva in items from an expensive store with the right hunting!

The skin I mentioned before, from *P.S. Style* and it was free during Christmas time but they have great, afordable skins. The eyes are from [sYs] called "Eyes of Love." Not free, forgot how much they cost but I got four colors, very bright and beautiful. They really bring attention to your eyes. They weren't that expensive either. The hair was free from Heart Softens either as a gift or a Lucky Letter, I can't exactly remember...but free is what counts! The nails are red, a free gift from A&A Fashion. Now, to be totally honest I'm not a huge fan of them. They look lovely and are pretty prim nails HOWEVER, the glove colors didn't work for me very well. So from afar, they look great but when you get up close you can tell. But, for something that was free it's not a huge deal.

And that is that folks! A great look that is pretty inexpensive. The red dress can go with LOTS of things so for $450L it's a good buy. Great length, great cleavage to show off those lovely skins and perfect chest. Would look great with silver or gold jewelry. If you have the time head over to Evovle to pick up, along with all the other lovely choices. I would like to point out, even if you can't see them, I'm wearing gold heels from Maitreya and they were FREE. Came with pumps in MANY colors, a gift from the subscribe-o-matic I believe so nab that.

Dress - Evovle
Shoes - Maitreya - FREE

Skin - *P.S. Style* - FREE

Eyes - [sYs]
Hair - Heart Softens - FREE
Earings/Kitsch Bracelet/Collar - Finesmith
Black Beaded Bracelet - LoveCats
Nails - A&A Fashion - FREE


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