Friday, January 21, 2011

Seductress by **Butterfly EffectZ**

When I'm on SL I'm usually just working or shopping. That's all I pretty much do on SL. I usually have to wear certain clothes while I work so when I have me time, I get go crazy! During my shopping around I found a place called **Butterfly EffectZ** and looked around. Right away a few outfits caught my eye and this was one of them. The owner, LadyCatherine Fairey, was generous enough to let me blog about this dress, Seductress, and I finally had the chance!

Now you might say "Sophi, it's just another skimpy club dress. So what?" And my reply would be it's a good QUALITY club dress! It's also an affordable L$250. As you can see it's short and very low cut, great to go to a dance club with. I also love the color, the silver sequin is just to DIE for. I won't lie, I've seen other club dresses and I feel this sequin texture really makes this one pop. It's not a simple, matted black color. Seductress truly lives up to its name...especially when you see the back!

This is why I truly fell in love with this outfit. If you can't seduce someone with a dress like this then I dunno what can! A beautiful front only to be accented by the secret weapon, the back. It will make you feel like the naughtiest girl in town! Now I don't normally go for such outfits but Seductress was just far too sleek to pass up. The chain link across the back and bottom is to tie for. It also comes with a lil chain-link type thong! But really, who needs a thong? With a dress like this modesty is out the window! I could have gone with a tramp stamp but I went for a delicate upper back tattoo instead, by Leti's Tattoo and Piercing.

Of course a lovely dress needs lovely accessories! The bangles are from ***Arata Shouten***,  a very affordable shop. They seem to be retired though, but they have plenty of other sexy things! Beccikie made the nails, sexy and black. Available for men or women so if you're man likes to wear nail polish...there ya go!

I'd like to point out, when you visit **Butterfly EffectZ** (which you should) to pick up Seductress (won't be disappointed)  the picture for the item has the model in white boots. I loved the look, the white boots made me think '60's go-go dancer with this dress! I was thinking of doing the same, maybe wild and crazy big poofy hair  too. But I don't think I had the right boots. However, these from AZOURY really pump up the sex factor of this dress. I love their stuff and rarely get a chance to wear it; now I can! Amazing boots and amazingly affordable.

As I mentioned, I wasn't sure which way to go with the hair. I ended up wearing this sexy short look by Curio. Blond, my favorite, with the black tips adds a great edge to it that compliments the dress. Plus, it's short so it shows off the back much better. Earrings and Necklace set came from Zuri's , I wanted to stay with the silver theme.

And that is how I pulled this sexy look together, showcasing Seductress and how wonderful it made my avatar look! I want to once again thank LadyCatherine Fairey for the opportunity to wear this lovely item and hope my blog prompts you to visit **Butterfly EffectZ** to pick it up along with some of their other sexy designs.

Dress - **Butterfly EffectZ** - 250L
Boots - AZOURY -99L
Bangles - ***Arata Shouten***
Necklace/Earrings -Zuri - FREE Christmas gift
Hair - Curio - FREE GIFT
Tattoo - Leti's Tattoo and Piercing - 50L
Nails - Beccikie


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