Sunday, August 14, 2011

60L Weekend Fun

So yeah...interesting look, right? Total accident! See, I was looking through the 60L list to see what was on sale and what I wanted...and them bam! I saw a pair of boots I had and had been meaning to review. Then I saw this outfit from SLC and thought "The colors seem to match, great chance!" I buy the outfit, put it on and match! But since I bought the outfit I thought I should show you guys, especially since I came up with a very kick ass style I believe.

Now you might ask yourself "What the hell is with your skin, Sophi?!" Well, this skin is from LoveCats and I wore it for styling an avant garde look during a modeling class. I wanted to push the boundaries and an oddly colored skin is a great idea. And then...I changed to this hair and outfit and I thought "Wait, I still look good!" So yes, this skin is from LoveCats, the greatest neko store ever! But little do you know she also makes lovely skins, I rarely wear them since I'm so used to being...well human looking. But sometimes it's good to experiment.

Another thing I picked up this weekend is this great pink feather set from Kennedy's which is another reason I did this because I effing love pink and I love this set! Feathers are so cute and I think they're in this season? Well, I'm no trend setter but I know what I like. My hair style is a new look from [Me.] and as with all their styles it's HUD controlled so if you want to change the color it's easy as pie, no need for extra items!

Outfit - SLC

Jewelry - Kennedy's

Hair - [Me.]

Nails - Finesmith

Skin - LoveCats

Eyes - Curious Kitties

Lipstick - Lemur


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