Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nyan Nyan

So unless you live under a rock or just don't like cute things, you know what the Nyan Cat is. This amazing rainbow pastry kitty is an internet masterpiece and an example of how simple, adorable things (especially cat related) can captivate so well. And then Virtual Insanity made a collection based on Nyan Cat, and then I squealed with joy. But I needed a look to go with the awesomeness that is Nyan Cat, so I started with these jeans from Bubblefish. I saw them on sale last weekend and they were pink, I love pink, and have stars, I love stars. They were a must buy!

Here you can better see the nail set for the collection. They are rainbows save for one finger which is blue with Nyan Cat on it. I'm also wearing a ring to match. The bracelets are also from Virtual Insanity but part of their Black Swan set. My top came from SAKIDE, the new brand name for Sassy Kitty Designs. The name of this one is Disjointed Top, obviously since the pieces are separated. There is also a heart pattern on the area covering my bust but you can't tell as much in the pictures; looks great in person though!

Finally, an up close look at my lovely face! I am wearing a brand new skin from birdy, the style is called Angie and yes, it did come with the eyeshadow as a separate tattoo layer. You also get multiple colors, I went with pink to go with my jeans. Also you can now get a great up close look at the Nyan set. Virtual Insanity offers earrings, a necklace AND lip piercing! All with great rainbows and cute poptart kitty action!

Top - [ SAKIDE ]

Pants - Bubblefish

Jewelry & Nails - Virtual Insanity

Skin - { birdy. }

Tattoo - .:CoLLisions:.

Hair - Magika

Eyes - Curious Kitties


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