Thursday, February 10, 2011

55L Thursday - Finesmith

Watch as I pop my Finesmith cherry! After admiring their jewelry, mainly from afar, I now get to blog all about it! I am so honored. To start it off I will go right into my favorite sale on SL, 55L Thursdays. With Valentine's Day right around the corner the theme is of course love and hearts. I am sure you will enjoy these great Heart Hoops and the matching Heartbeat Necklace.

These hoops are huge and a statement peace. They are heart shaped and hang upside down. Now of course, here in NYC hoops that big are usually worn by the "urban girls" however yula Finesmith manages to take the large hoop and make them classy. There is even a small diamond in them to adding to the great detail. They come in either gold or silver and at only 55L you can easily get both.

The necklace, which is also 55L for today, comes with a lovely silver chain with a hanging gold heart at the end. The two tones of the necklace means you can wear it with either pair of the earrings. The chain isn't solid, it is made of a think chain with randomly placed chunks of silver to add a very geometric feel to it. The golden heart hangs at the bottom with a diamond dangling down slightly.

Of course I had to find the perfect outfit to go with this amazing jewelry. I picked up these shoes from [ bubbles ] as apart of the Diva hunt, I do love the heart heels. The stockings and arms were free member gifts from Curious Kitties for V-day.

It all goes great with this dress from LeeZu. Despite the pieces being made by different designers they all melt together into a pile of Valentine's Day goodness! I love the cut out look of the dress and flow of the skirt. I might add, I picked this dress up from The Dressing Room and it's the last day of the sale, so if you're reading this now I would go get it!

My wildly amazing hair is from Vanity Hair, two hearts on top of each other; how far out is that?! The color I'm wearing is only 1L at their store as a gift so I would recommend nabbing it. The skin is also a freebie from Apple May Designs and won't be around long guys. I love how the heart on the lips just adds a great finishing touch to the look. Since the hair base is a tattoo layer, I was lucky to find a skin with the heart print on the lips and not having to look for a tattoo to get the effect I wanted. Oh, and if you're loving my nails I nabbed them off of the Lucky Letter board at Candy Nails.

So what have we learned ladies? Sophi is crazy for the shape of a heart! Oh wait, no...right. It's totally possible to look amazing on a budget. 55L Thursdays makes it possible along with so many other great sales and grabs. The look I have one you can recreate for probably only 200L; but only if you hurry. Sales don't last forever.

Jewelry - Finesmith - 55L (55L Thursdays)

Dress - LeeZu

Hair - Vanity Hair - 1L

Arm & Leg Warmers - Curious Kitties - FREE

Shoes - [ bubbles ] - FREE (Diva hunt)

Skin - AMD - FREE

Nails - Candy Nails - FREE (Lucky Letter board)


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