Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's on Sale - MEB

Visit MEB right NOW.
Showing off two different outfits on sale from MEB for the It's on Sale event so keep up with me! Both are now priced 185 l$ so hurry up and get them! The sale ends on the 13th of February.

Ale: normal price 390 l$
Ale shows just one color, smoother and more quiet than other summer outfits.
But look at the original shining bronze tone of the silk, and consider the provocative and malicious opening of the skirt edge! The low waist line, stressed by a chain metal belt gives a special old styled touch to this fascinating outfit. A shirt-dress for dancing, a shining outfit to seduce.

Sabrina: normal price 390 l$
Sabrina was a famous movie of the Fifties, were Audrey Hepburn presented a Cinderella-like story. The outfits has dull and simply colors; its sleeves and skirt are both short, but the sexy powder blue stockings remember us that cold days are coming. Lovely as the character whom is inspired to.

With Ale, I channeled my inner Bo Derek, adding sexy fishnets and combat style boots to bring an almost chic military feel to the look. I added on rainbow nails and a rainbow necklace...perhaps going a bit butch? Love for the ladies! Hehe

With Sabrina, I stuck close to the simple feel of the outfit and just wore a lovely long, brown ponytail. The shoes come with the outfit.

Boy, looks like I have a big forehead. Haha As you can see I had fun wearing both outfits, and lucky for you they're BOTH on sale so hurry up and get them! Sale ends on Friday! Show your appreciation for Melusina Parkin great work and pickup one or even both of these ASAP.

Ale Outfit - MEB

Sabrina Outfit - MEB

Hair (both pics) - AVA-TARE

Rainbow necklace -CoLL

Earrings - Finesmith

Combat Boots - SD Wears


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