Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chic Limited - BOUNCE

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Showing off some sexy wears from Chic Limited again. This time I'm decked out in BOUNCE attire. I'm wearing the Anais top along with the Gypsy long skirt. These two piece come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match and have a lot of fun creating a cute Bohemian feel. The scarf is by Zeery and the style I'm wearing, ironically enough, is called Staying Single. The color goes great with the outfit and the name of the scarf totally fits me. Staying single in SL!

⚑ {Zeery} SKinny Scarves
⚑ ☑Copy ☑Mod ☒Trans
⚑ Made For: CHIC Limited : Anti-Valentine

• Price Per Scarf $210
• CHIC Limited Event Fat Pack Discount: $740

Here is another look at the BOUNCE outfit, I added in the jacket, which is also on sale in a variety of colors. A very cute mini-jacket with ruffles and bows. Would look so amazing with a nice pair of jeans or with pretty much anything you can think. You can buy the piece sperately (jacket, skirt, top) so it's mix and match haven. The hair I'm wearing is also available at Chic Limited, it's by Raw House and the name of the style is Evelyn Razorbangs.

Hair - Raw House

Outfit - BOUNCE

Scarf - Zeery


Zeerya Pyrithea said...

Love the all pink look Sophitia!

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