Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Locker Room Debut

Visit The Locker Room right NOW.

Welcome to a perhaps graphic heavy post! Today I was lucky enough to witness the birth of The Lock Room. You know all those discount shops on SL where great designers provide items at very low prices and the choices rotate? Well that's what TLR is except for men! The name itself brings to mind the sweaty room where men romp around, a simple towel their only modesty.

Welcome to the HBM Locker Room, the idea for the Locker Room came with the launch of one of SL's newest and premier Male magazines HBM (http://issuu.com/heartbeat-sl/docs/hbm1)

We wanted to bring the benefit of a store for males where you are able to find discounted items from some of SL's Top Designers.

The items will change every two weeks, ensuring always a depth of variety and choice. You can join the subscribomatic group to ensure your always up to date when the new releases are out and also to hear of any special offers or contests.

As you can see, this store is in no way fully couture. It is a nice mix of items for the fashion forward SL male. As you can see, I'm also near the only female geared item in the shop...but it's hard to notice since my eyes are locked on the sexy underwear and tank top set by subVerse and the best part it's only 70L.

I also saw some nice items that could be unisex. The curse of the SL world, so many things can be worn by either man or woman but skirts are usually a one way street. Thankfully as The Locker Room shows us, there are plenty of great items out there for men who know where to look.

The masters behind this lovely event, Events Manager LuLu Coba along with Lars Foulsbane who acted as DJ to provide music for all of us party guests.

Of course with such a great DJ I just HAD to get out on the dance floor and show off my moves a bit. Only missing a hunk to boogy with. Which, ironically, brings me to a thing I noticed. If you want your guys in these clothes you need to bring them. Sadly nothing is transferable so no getting secret presents. No one I knew was online at the time of the event or I would have showed them but I have the LM to pass out!

Of course I had to go to the event dressed well. I wanted to stand out so I didn't hold back, showing off my personal sense of style and my love for the way teal and black go together. Dress is from [DeDulja] and the boots are from ECCENTRIC.

Hair comes from Cake and the jewelry is Finesmith (minus the bracelet, that's from [DeDulja]). The lace make up is a favorite of mine by Lovely Mi Make-up, the black lace around the eyes is so killer and goes well with so many looks.

And that pretty much sums up my visit to The Locker Room. I'm always a fan of discount spots especially with high quality clothes, now all you sexy pixel men of SL have a spot to go to as well! This great opening event was on Feb 5th, I would have posted this entry sooner but I've been uber busy with RL. But fear not, all the sexy items are still on sale; each rotation lasts two weeks!

Dress - [DeDulja]


Hair - Cake

Jewelry - Finesmith

Make-up - Lovely Mi Make-up - FREE


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