Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's on Sale - ONE Fashion Design

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Today I'm showcasing Feather Sweet from ONE Fashion Design. This lovely outfit is part of the It's on Sale event so hurry if you want it! Sale ends Feb 13th!

Current price: 200L
IT'S ON SALE price: 100L (7th-13th February 2011)

Feather Sweet is a versatile outfit that includes: bodysuit (with and without sleeves options), feather skirt (resize scripted for a perfect fit) and fishnet stockings. Worn without skirt, sleeves and stocking makes an elegant swimwear. It’s available in 5 colours: white, black, purple, gold and green.

PS . the silver one ( white ) HALF PRICE !

As mentioned, you can wear this with or without the stockings and gloves. However I personally love the fishnet look with the feathery skirt piece. You always see black fishnets so these in silver are a great change.

And of course, the outfit shows off my large breasts rather well! The outfit is very risque and sexy so it's not for the modest at heart. I went blond with this style from AVA-TARE called Windy and wore the star jewelry again I mentioned in an earlier post.

The designer, Dequan Warren, made a great piece here with many wear options. The look I have on is only but one way to wear this, and my personal favorite. I LOVE the skirt on this outfit, it flows very well. I would recommend this outfit if you like something sexy, and even a bit futuristic.

Dress - ONE Fashion Design


Necklace - Pen's Gems

Bracelet- Plastic Acid (didn't seem to have an LM)


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