Saturday, February 26, 2011

Don't censor my style!

Hello everyone! I know it's been a while but I haven't had much to talk about and I've been pretty busy. Since the It's on Sale event has been on hiatus and Chic Limited has been restructuring it's left me without any steady things to blog about. Not to mention being busy with the real world and my Second Life work. But I am here to post something that has been on my mind a while. I thought of this look a few weeks ago but could never find the time to talk about it. Pushing aside the couture and sleek shapes, this is me. This is Sophi and this is my style.

The idea for this look came from the body suit I'm wearing. I saw it in a blog one day, saw it was free and of course was like "OMGMUSTHAVE." I shop on a budget on SL since I don't put any RL money into the game so anything free always catches my attention. I ran to Censored and picked it right up! I thought for a moment about it, it's not my usual style. I usually like some pants on or a skirt. But it looked really cool, something about it elevates from seeming trashy or "just club wear" to a real fashion statement. The white body suit with black fishnets, simple yet stylish.

The outfit being a group freebie only had a few pieces to it, I had to jazz it up! I went with what I love on Second Life; neko. I slapped on a great tail from LoveCats to match the hair I was waring. The paw print tattoos are also from LoveCats and are free in case you're interested. The adorable neko milk necklace is from Ephemeral Neko, a great addition if you are a lover of neko and cats as I am. Bracelet was snagged at Phoebe's.

Like the boots? I found these lovelies at Malfean Visions, great white boots with skull accents. I think they go great with the white body suit and adore the style. It was when I saw the outfit from Censored that these boots came to mind, though the boots are a brighter white they still go well with the outfit.

Hair is from creatives, I bought it a while back but had no idea what to do with it. I just loved the color and style, purple is a great color and reminds me of pink. The skin is by Style by Kira, I love how the purple goes great with the hair and tail. Very punk!

Outfit - Censored - FREE (group gift)

Shoes - Malfean Visions

Tail & Tattoo - LoveCats - Tattoo is FREE. Tail is $200L

Necklace - Ephemeral Neko

Bracelet - Phoebe's

Hair - creatives!

Skin - Style by Kira


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