Friday, February 11, 2011

NaLee by !Right

I had a chance to review this sexy outfit from !Right called NaLee. When I first saw it I got visions of a track suit only sexier but it's a lot more than that. Depending on what hair and accessories you mix and match with this look you can get a ton of different styles. It also comes in three colors. Let's look at the red first.

Because I enjoy neko so much and I don't get to show it off as much as I'd like in the blog, I turned the red into a sexy neko outfit with this black tail from LoveCats along with this stamp tramp that describes me perfectly "Sexy Kitten" with the paw prints going up my back. I'm always a fan of the way black goes with red.

Of course, I love shinies I felt this look would go great with gold so I added some Finesmith with the bracelets and the belly piercing as well as the heart hoop earrings with a necklace in black by LiNe. The tattoo on my stomach actually comes with NaLee, kick ass!

Since I was pairing red with black and gold I wore these ankle boots by Drakke, I love the gold accents on them. Also, my hair is by ploom and it's a great style because I change the color of the bows, the latex strips and the mesh strips.

For the pink version of NaLee I went a bit fairy. The wings come from Fancy Fairy, my favorite spot to get fae wings. The jewelry is by Ear Candy. Hair comes from ChiChickie, love pigtails and of course I enjoy being a blond.

With the black version of NaLee I was feeling my inner cyber punk. I threw on som +DV8+ and I was good to go! The boots, hair and accessories are all from +DV8+ an dit goes great with the black color.

And so there you have it my darlings! A great outfit from !Right that can be taken in so many different directions. Mix and match and have some fun. And remember to continue to read my blog for more great reviews, previews and to just spend time with me. :)

Outfit - !Right

- Pic One -

Hair - ploom

Necklace - LiNe

Jewelry - Finesmith

Tail - LoveCats

Shoes - Drakke

- Pic Two -

Hair - ChiChickie

Jewelry - Ear Candy

Wings - Fancy Fairy

Nails - Mons - FREE (group gift)

- Pic Three -

Everything (besides outfit) - +DV8+


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