Monday, February 28, 2011

Limited Edition - Epoque and Glitterati

I did the unbelievable! I bought something on SL, more than 100L. I also fell into a bit of hype. I know, I know, it's only human but agh, the dress was just too lovely to pass up. And knowing it was a limited edition and I would be one of only 300 people on SL to have this dress. I had to get it! I had a bit of extra cash since I didn't buy anything this weekend. I passed up my usual sales mainly because nothing caught my fancy and annoying SL lag. (Ok, so I did buy a lil something...) After getting a new SL job, having a crappy SL interview for another job and still having to handle all my other SL work...I treated myself.

I guess to most in the SL fashion world, paying $395L for a dress isn't a huge deal. I mean, paying thousands of linden for jewelry and shoes is a walk in the park, right? In my case, no. It was a hard choice to lay out almost four hundred linden for a ball gown I won't wear much. Honestly, I usually am in clothes for the stores I work for and rarely have free time to dress as I wish. But when I saw this gown from Epoque it was lovely. Such a lovely nude color, very elegant yet not too out there. I could see myself wear it in the real world.

But since I can't wear it in the real world, I had a ball running around in it on SL. Epoque made this gown as preview for their upcoming collection. What better way to get the public exciting than to showcase an amazing gown and only sell a limited quantity. They also teamed up with Glitterati to make this exclusive preview pack so you not only get the dress but some amazing poses, which you can see in the photos I used for this post. Each store is selling the dress, 150 at each location. So you have two spots to find it but still only three hundred in total available.

I'm sure by the time anyone gets around to reading my post the dress will be sold out...but you never know! The long train, the lovely low cut and low back and the way it shows off your legs in the's a masterpiece and if I were you I'd rush to get it. Be one of the lucky 300 fashionistas to own this piece of art.

So the dress was expensive...the rest of the look was not. The hair was free from Sebis. It's also a limited free item so hurry on that, just the brown pack is free. The skin is from hsh and I picked up for free at the 3rd Anual Skin Fair. The bracelet is from Finesmith, was a past gift and the necklace and earrings are from LiNe, available at Chic Limited.

Dress - Epoque (also available at Glitterati for a limited time)

Hair - Sebis - FREE

Skin - hsh - FREE (Skin fair exclusive)

Necklace & Earrings - LiNe

Bracelet - Finesmith


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