Monday, February 14, 2011

Chic Limited - Miamai

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Who needs love and hearts on Valentines Day? Not I! I'm on Second Life for fashion, not pixel e-love. And oh boy, this outfit is all about fashion! I want to thank Miamai for this amazing dress called Heartbreaker and it was a blast to wear. When I saw I was able to blog about it I almost died!

It is so amazingly chic and high class while still be unique. You get it all with this outfit, the dress, the head piece, the train, the stockings; it's an amazing outfit to say the least and something great for everyday of the year.

 The pose I used is from Di's Opera, it comes with the cigarettes to hold and everything. Very sexy chic, even though I am 100% against smoking but holding one for a photo can't hurt...right? It does make me look high fashion, stuck up and elitist...ha! I am in no way a diva though but even if for a few pictures it's nice to seem like one.

Remember that train I mentioned? Before I close this entry I had to show it to you. It's FULL of little demon-like teddy bears. Now you know me, I love off the wall stuff and these little bundles of joy really add a unique flavor to this high class dress. Who needs a man when you have a teddy bear army following you?

Dress - Miamai

Hair - Lyrique

Skin - Glam Affair

Pose - Di's Opera


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