Monday, February 21, 2011

SD Wears New Release

Visit SD Wears ASAP!

Right on the hooves of the 4th Anniversary of SD Wears comes a look at some of their newer selections and the great fashions available by going by there. First my focus is on the outfit called Deathly Attraction. You may remember I went over this outfit before in a different color, this time we get to see the blue version.

I do love this dress. It's very gothic and if done right even gothic lolita. The dress is a sexy yet stylish black lace with optional modesty under it to cover the nips. The skirt is foofy and poofy and also has the lace flair to it as well a lovely black belt.

I obviously had a lot of fun wearing this outfit and had fun taking the pictures as well. The stockings actually come with the outfit, though SD Wears has some amazing stockings and tights as well so you an mix and match (show you a lil more later) but they are a lovely accent to any outfit. The boots are from +DV8+, a new release called Eternal Love. The hair is one of my favorites form ploom, love the bob look along with the band and skull accent. Lipstick is silver with a black heart, free from PIDDLE's kissing booth during V-day weekend. Girl needs black lipstick when she goes goth!

Now in an earlier post for SD Wears I showed off a pair of these Mind Bender stockings and now you get to enjoy two more. As much as I do enjoy my legs on SL I also love a nice pair of stockings with the right outfit. What's better than that is if the stockings can also be a statement piece! Such interesting designs and patterns, I would recommend the stockings at SD Wears to anyone.

My last gift to readers is this one, Luverly Lingerie. Now as you might have guessed I don't wear lingerie much on SL since I'm so busy working no time for pixel love. But when I do it's great to have something sexy, the sexier the better! This number is very simple, classic an elegant. It's also quite sheer though the top comes in multiple layers so if you wear all of them you can cover the nips; but why bother? This outfit is sure to make your lover's blood boil so need to be modest!

Outfits - SD Wears

Hair 1 - ploom

Lipstick - PIDDLE - FREE, kissing booth

Shoes - +DV8+

Necklace - (Elate!) - FREE, Seasons Hunt


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