Friday, February 11, 2011

!Right meets Finesmith

What happens when couture chic meets casual chic? Well this blog entry does! Finesmith is known for some of the most best statement pieces of jewelry on Second Life. Wearing even the most simplest of their designs can elevate an outfit to a whole new plane. For this entry I went very simple by wearing the 5000 member gift called Roses for Your Love. The set comes with flower earrings, a ring and the necklace. I paired it with Nisha from !Right. Let's see what happened.

This is the black version of Nisha. I wore a very statement making hairstyle from LoQ in red along with a model shape from HOX and a very lovely skin from Mons. By adding statment pieces and high couture fashion looks to the simple and laid back style of !Right I made an interesting fusion look, adding the stockings and boots from Drakke to finish the look.

Switching to the red version of Nisha, I changed the hair color to black. I love the way the high quality of the Finesmith jewelry mixed with the other high fashion elements and perhaps even trick the eyes. You would expect me to wear an evening gown but even the simple white blouse and sexy short skirt are drawn to a new level. Nothing is ever simple if you style it right. The necklace rests perfect on my chest, working well with the low V cut of the top.

Nisha also comes in mauve. This time I went back to what I would say is my style to point out the casual appeal of this outfit. Also, this jewelry set from Finesmith lends itself perfectly to the everyday look. Simple silver chain with elegant flower accents go well with almost anything. Even though I'm rocking purple hair and tattoos the splendor that is Finesmith more than shines throw and will draw attention to me no matter where I go.

Remember girls, don't be afraid to mix and match! Magic can happen.

Outfit - !Right

Jewelry - Finesmith

Shoes - Drakke

Stockings - Angel Dessous

Hair 1 - LoQ

Hair 2 - ploom

Skin - Mons

Shape - HOX

Tattoos - Leti's Tattoo and Piercing


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