Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s on Sale – Shape it Up! & Deka Fashions

Visit Shape It Up! NOW.

Visit Deka Fashions NOW.

My plan for the day was to do two blog posts but I got distracted with RL. To keep caught up with my posts for It's on Sale I'm combining two great pieces into one post. First is the sexy shape I'm wearing, curvy and lovely by Shape it Up!

All MOD shapes at my store (both male and female) sell for 89L--I believe you shouldn't have to spend a ton to look good! So for the sale, I have one of my top sellers up for 45L--it's a MODIFIABLE shape! (I also include a style card)

Most of the shapes have more of a modelesque figure.

And of course the adorable cute blue dress is from Deka Fashions. It's called Alice.

The dress is available in blue (50% sale), black, pink, brown and green.

Current price 100L - IT'S ON SALE price: 50L

IT'S FOR SALE event: 7th - 13th Feb 2011

The blue dress has a sexy, denim feel to it. The white lace around the top adds a hint of femininity that takes the dress a step ahead from the average mini dress. Very form fitting but still great for a casual look, especially in the spring or summer time.

I wanted to accent the white frill on the dress so I paired it with these great boots from Drakke. Best part they're FREE as an opening gift from the store. They're also accented with stars so I mirrored that with my jewelry. I didn't want anything too fancy and aimed to keep those look casual chic.

Elena Durnan did a fabulous job with this simple yet fun to wear dress. Her talent is something to admire so do not be ashamed if you find yourself buying this dress in every color! A girl can never have too many dresses like these in her wardrobe; it works great with accessories!

Don't look now but I had dress down a bit. You can see the true glory of this lovely shape done by Alexx Usbourne. The shaped is called Siren and let me tell you, I feel like one wearing it. It's not too tall, not too short and has lovely lady lumps. To finish up the star theme I have this great tattoo on from Love Tattoos, full body with even accents on the face. The hair was a group gift from D!va so better hurry and get it! The ribbon changes color so I made it white to go with the dress and boots.

Shape - Shape it Up!
Dress - Deka Fashions
Tattoo - Love Tattoos
Hair - D!va - FREE
Shoes - Drakke - FREE
Underwear - Phoenix Rising
Necklace - Pen's Gems
Earrings - Bubble Designz
Bracelet- Plastic Acid (didn't seem to have an LM)


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