Thursday, March 24, 2011

55L Thursday - Finesmith

It's Thursday ladies, time to shop! This time I'm showing you a lovely cage ring from Finesmith, one of Second Life's top of the line jewelry shops. Anyone who is anyone has some Finesmith in their inventory and now you can too! At only 55L this statement piece of jewelry is a steal. As you can see it's a lovely birdcage design with a precious gem in the center, a very unique design as well as elegant. Of course I add in more Finesmith jewelry to finish the look.

I'm also wearing Miranda, part of the Privileged line available at Finesmith. A gorgeous yet simple sundress style in a soft beige tone, the perfect outfit to highlight your jewelry and still look beautiful. The flowing prim skirt is a lovely added touch making this a very light and airy dress to wear.

Those nails you see? Finesmith as well, they do everything I swear. What better way to highlight the jewelry on your hand than to wear high quality nails as well. Skin is from Letituér and is available as a free group gift so make sure to pick it up and enjoy the store as well, some truly lovely items to nab. Hair is from Secrets Hair and is a group gift to kick off the start of their new in world group.

Dress - Privliged

Jewelry - Finesmith

Nails - Finesmith

Hair - Secrets Hair - (FREE group gift)

Skin - Letituér - (FREE group gift)

Eyes - perception eyes


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