Saturday, March 12, 2011

!Right - Weekend Sales

!Right is always a great store to find sensual and stylish clothes and they love having sales. And here I am showing you a taste of what you can find there. As always, these deals are for a limited time so if you like what you see don't hesitate to nab it while there is a discount. Don't say I didn't warn you!

First style is the sexy Gerda. Fish nets, short skirt and a tube top. This outfit is available in black, red and pink. As you can see I went with the black option for this post. Gave me an excuse to pull out some of my Halloween items! Who says you can only dress up once a year? I went trick or treating in March, so sue me. :p

As you can tell this simple look can be brought in many directions depending on what you put with it. Never think an outfit is only one note because a look is only as original as you make it. Fish nets, short skirt, tube top...skanky right? WRONG! I took this lovely outfit and created art and with this set on sale until Friday you can do the same! It's $79L for this week so don't delay.

!Right also has a brand new release called Jenny which can be bought in three colors; blue, pink and black. I choose the blue option since I don't wear a lot of blue and I wanted to try something different. This outfit is on sale for this weekend only at only $60L so you too can pick which color fits you best..or all of them!

A very casual look, great for the weekends. The low cut top that exposes the belly is not for the modest but it really does look great with the long white pants. You can, of course, wear it with or without the jacket as it is included so for only sixty linden you're getting a full look really. The shirt also has a great pattern as does the matching belt with the style.

Outfits - !Right

Hair (set 1) - AVA-tare

Hair (set 2) - Thalia's Creations

Shoes (set 1) - FJ Store

Necklace (set 1) - Pen's Gems

Jewelry (set 2) - Finesmith

Bag (set 1) - LYCEE


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