Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Dirty Rich - St. Patrick's Day

Your eyes do not deceive you, I am wearing a neko outfit from a different store! Yes, I work for a different neko store and usually always wear the designs from there but I am a neko fan in general and sometimes enjoys the fairs of other stores. Ironically, I noticed this outfit AT a sponsored event for my store! I thought it looked uber hot and had to get my hands on it. Best part? It was dirt cheap! Enjoy some holiday neko fun from Beautiful Dirty Rich.

A lovely, sexy emerald green outfit this look comes with the dress, gloves and of course ears and tails. The top can either be worn as a to or the way I am sporting it with nipple pasties. Great pattern on the actual dress and even the boots have shamrocks on them in silver. It's a very pulled together look!

As usual I add my own personal touches to it. A pale skin and lovely red hair, even with a St. Patrick's Day hair clip in the back. However I'll tell you what really drew me to this outfit...the blindfold. I know it seems like a minor detail but I LOVE it. It's what I originally wanted but then to realize it came with a whole outfit AND it was in my price range? Talk about luck of the Irish!

Outfit - Beautiful Dirty Rich - ($1L)

Hair - Analog Dog

Jewelry -Virtual Insanity

Shoulder Buddy - Nymph Couture

Tattoo - Para Designs

Skin - Heartsick


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