Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Chic

I do enjoy being a blogger, I really do! It grants me the opportunity to enjoy fashion on Second Life and share it with others, hoping they enjoy it too. I know I don't have tons of readers or followers but I know sometimes, some people notice it. I get such a smile on my face when show a designer my post about their work, that even with my no-name status they appreciate me liking their talent. Today I'm going to show a lovely look I pulled together, great for a Sunday out with your friends.

The outfit is by Zenith, a lovely beige color and a very casual feel. If I could take this outfit with me to the real world it would be great for the office or shopping around Park Avenue. Short and sexy black miniskirt mixed with a classy beige top, accented with a ruffle collar. I know my pictures can't do it justice but this is an amazingly lovely outfit.

Paired it with a simple pair of black mary janes from Slink. Goes very well with the black pencil skirt. It's always hard to find the perfect pair of shoes, I think I spend more time getting dressed on SL than I do in RL!

But then again, on SL I have to worry about more than just clothes! Need the right skin, this one is from FACES Studios, it's called Rosabelle. I love the gentle face it has as well as the great skin tone. Hair? Oh well this style is called Crystal and it's by Ali & Ali, it's a free voting present. The great bangles are by Beauty Code. Eyes are by PHRESH, they're prim eyes too so they stand out even more! To accent the eyes I have eye jewels on by Virtual Insanity, a very simple bit that brings attention to my eyes. The nails are also made by Virtual Insanity, one of my new fav stores!

Outfit - Zenith

Shoes - Slink

Bangles - BeautyCode

Hair - Ali & Ali - (FREE)

Skin - FACES Studios

Nails & Eye Jewels - Virtual Insanity



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