Thursday, March 24, 2011


Offering you another day of style, this time from VERO MODERO. If you enjoy their work then make sure to pick up this one, it's called Grey Days. It's a great, casual look that can go almost anywhere. Prim skirt, collar and cuffs are such a nice touch and make the outfit pop out even more. Honestly this is something I wish I had in the real world, would look great at the office. Three sock collar options as well.

The dress is a very light grey with a white blouse under it. I wore the grey sock options and put on these great shoes from Malfean Visions, many colors available the ones I have one are the slate option. Goes well with all the tones in the socks and dress. Black nails from Virtual Insanity to go with the look as well.

And you know me, love some color. I went ginger today wearing this style from Ali & Ali called Ellen, one of their newer releases. As you can see it has a highlight in it, you can of course change that strip to whatever suits your fancy at the moment.


Shoes - Malfean Visions

Hair - Ali & Ali

Nails - Virtual Insanity


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