Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Festival with Curious Kitties

Spring is right around the corner guys and one of my favorite stores, Curious Kitties, has released a TON of goodies for everyone to enjoy. Many freebies and some limited addition buys that you really need to grab up. My favorite color is pink and I just love the sakura blossom theme so I had to get in there and get some of these great items and show all of you.

If you enjoy fantasy, gothic lolita and all around amazing cute fashions then you have to get to Curious Kitties. They have full amazing avatars, great outfits and a load of gorgeous hair styles and a HUD to control the color changing in their styles. And now in a time of great change in Japan, the creator Ameshin Yossarian was generous enough to let me review this spring look even while she herself resides in an area affected by all the chaos. In a time where she and so many other Japanese citizens are in turmoil I felt quite honored to showcase her work so all of Second Life can see it.

Everything you see on me is from Curious Kitties save for the wings. They are free from Frozen Nights so if you're looking for more great cherry blossom themed things you can check there or any of the other amazing Japanese owned/inspired shops on SL. The shape is by Di's Opera, snagged at the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

And a nice close up of the face. Yes, even the great skin is by Curious Kitties and FREE, coming in many shades. Nail polish is by Virtual Insanity, great pink shade to go with the theme of the look. I felt amazing wearing this outfit and I felt blessed to be allowed to review it. It's a limited time buy guys so if you want to support the designer and look amazing at the same time please go to Curious Kitties and pick it up along with many of her other amazing works of art.

Outfit - Curious Kitties - ($500L)

Shoes - Curious Kittiess - ($250L)

Skin - Curious Kitties - (FREE)

Hair - Curious Kittiess - ($100L)

Wings - Frozen Nights - (FREE)

Shape - Di's Opera - (Pacific Relief exclusive)

Nails - Virtual Insanity



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