Monday, March 28, 2011

N1CO - Snake Doll

First evening gowns and now this! I'm always changing guys and always seeing lovely things to wear. This full outfit is a N1CO creation. It's called Snake Doll and has, of course, a snake thing. But more so it's rather burlesque as well. I could totally see a model wearing this in a themed show. Sexy, unique and very feminine; it's a wonderful look with amazing details.

The black and red go together as a classic combo. Gloves are black lace and as you can see the snake theme is present in the garters. Yes, that is artwork on the corset which to me adds very much to the burlesque feel of it. I do love corsets, both in the real world and on SL so the one with this outfit is just to die for and rests very well under your bust.

And now, the part I adore; the boots! I just LOVE how the snake becomes the heel of this boot! It is just so unique, sexy and devilish. And the attention to detail is just to die for. The snake even has its tongue out, how cool is that?! A lovely black ankle boot taken to a whole new level with a bit of embellishment, can't ask for more.

The sexy collar and earrings also come with this outfit so really there isn't much you need to add but the basics. Skin is from Glam Affair, I wanted bright red lips and a pale tone to really help the outfit shine. And because the outfit was so unique and special I didn't want to wear just any hair. I got this great style at Vanity Hair, the black of course goes well with the outfit and makes the red in it and my lips stand out.

Outfit - N1CO

Hair - Vanity

Skin - Glam Affair


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very nice Sophie!

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