Thursday, March 17, 2011

VERO MODERO - St. Patrick's Day

This lovely dress is from VERO MODERO and is a free group gift. It's a great look for St. Patrick's Day. Very chic, modern and also sexy with the fishnets. The color is perfect for the theme and it even comes with the adorable hat. You also get the shamrock nom with this look as well so you can be a bit playful.

From every angle this dress is great. The back of the top has a great corset look to it giving only the barest hint of flesh there before hitting your shoulder blades. On the upper arm you get prim mini sleeves to match the amazing prim skirt.

Tattoo on my cheek is FREE from Para Design and the hair is from trico. Virtual Insanity is responsible for the jewelry I'm wearing except for the earrings, those are from Earthstone.

Outfit - VERO MODERO - (FREE, group gift)

Hair - trico

Jewelry -Virtual Insanity

Earrings - Earthstone

Tattoo - Para Designs

Eyes - 90 Degrees


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