Thursday, March 17, 2011

House of Xevion - St. Patrick's Day

Time for happy hour with HOX! Just in time for St. Patrick's Day here is an amazing look for all to have. HOX has released this great themed dress to all for only $150L. It also comes with the great green shoes you see on my feet. What's more, you can get matching make-up for it too. If you're already in the in world group you can find it in the noticed, if you're not in the group then JOIN NOW. Of course you can still get the make-up...none group members just have to pay $50L for it.

Talk about unique. This dress is made up of an amazing paper cut out type pattern, tons of shamrocks in different shades of green. I have yet to see any St. Patrick's Day offering much like this one guys! And it's such a low price...why don't you have this one yet?

I'm also wearing a HOX shape available at the store on the second floor. The great make-up looks good on it right? I think so, quite sexy and a lil mysterious. Wearing a nice pale skin again along with shocking red hair. Eyes are brown this time so they don't clash with the make up. On, and the adorable hat on my head comes with the outfit.

Outfit - House of Xevion - ($150L)

Make-up - House of Xevion - (FREE, group gift or $50L to everyone else)

Hair - Tameless Hair

Jewelry -Virtual Insanity

Earrings - Earthstone


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